Licence Testing

An important section on our website for those who need more information about the requirements before booking for the Victorian Driving Licence Test.

Each of these areas of information are available direct from VicRoads Website.



It is important that some of these things be met before taking the licence test. Sign up with Lama Driving School and we will provide you with the required information before going for your Victorian Driver’s Licence Test.

These are the basic drive test checklist that will help you to fulfill your licence test obligations. Visit this link to read more about VicRoads drive checklist.

  • About the Learner Kit
  • Experienced (supervising) driver & 120 hours driving experience
    (if the learner driver is under 21 years of age)
  • L2P learner driver mentor program
  • Hazard perception test
  • Displaying L & P plates
  • The drive test

VicRoads Licensing appointment fees

There are 2 tests you need to pass before getting your driving licence.

These tests need to be booked via the VicRoads website. Each of these tests needs to be successfully passed in order to have your own VicRoads Driver’s Licence.

First test is the Hazard Perception Test. The Hazard Perception Test needs to be booked and paid prior to sitting for it. At the time of writing this page the appointment fee + the Hazard Perception Test is $35.50.

Once you have passed your hazard perception test make sure to book your driving test at a convenient time and ensure you are confident and ready to sit for the driving test. At the time of this writing the Appointment fee + The Practical Test is $60.70.

Book your driving lessons with Lama Driving School. Learn with us and go for your VicRoads Driving Test with confidence.

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