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The Driving Instructor was calm, patient and diligient who helped me to overcome my anxiety in driving and boost my confidence in my driving skills. Most importantly he has helped me to pass my driving test in the very first round for which i am very grateful for 🙂 This is made possible through his clear guidance and thorough feedback which helped me to improve and hone my driving skills.

Chian (Brunswick)

My experience with Lama Driving School was a very positive experience.

The instructor was very optimistic in teaching me how to drive correctly and safely. On the day of the driving test, my instructor was actually much more enthusiastic for me to pass my test then I was.

A good memory is when the driving test supervisor passed me, we were both relieved and it truly felt like a team effort.

Gevergiz (Greenvale)

I had always avoided getting my license after I had failed my driving test 3 times with a different driving school. I am so grateful for Lama Driving School. You made me excited about wanting to drive, you where always calm and gave me positive feedback. If it weren’t for that I wouldn’t have the confidence to be a safe, good driver I am today.
Thank you for making this an unforgettable experience!

Nicole (Coburg)

I had the pleasure to take driving lessons from Lama Driving School to convert my overseas license and it was a really pleasant experience. I passed the test easily and confidently. Very professional and honest guys. I strongly recommend him for driving lessons!

Walid (Brunswick)

The Driving Instructor was a real motivating driving instructor who helped me to improve my driving skills. I had an overseas licence and he helped me to achieve my driver’s license requirement in Victoria .

Ahmed was careful and reasonable instructor. He’s not into the business intentionally for money rather he’s there to assist people who lack confidence. He will help you to be confident and relaxed while driving without any tension in the car. I successfully passed the driving test at first go.

Definitely I recommend him.

Thanks for your help and support.
Ramzi (Preston)

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